Staring at the bonfire as it reflects the dance of the stars.
Beautiful and intriguing.
It’s presence burns bright yet the flames are content,
Slowly burning away the surrounding oxygen,
Slowly burning away at our essence.
Fire breaths without a heartbeat,
Yet it thrives through a single ember that steal holds heat.
It is labled unsafe and destructive when not controlled
So we rush to suffocate its spark and watch it die.
It’s only human nature
No wonder we can’t thrive
We destroy the sparks in dreams, imagination, and drown the life in people’s eyes when they ignite.
We destroy what they hold inside.
But while we are busy extinguishing the light
We also forget that when it burns, it’s purpose isn’t to destroy, it is to renew life.
Burns through the ashes like a Rising Phoenix,
Everyone surrounding it feels it’s presence
As fire wood slowly rekindle’s the burn through the night
Who knew a bonfire was the kindle of so many lessons.


If I could,
I would turn girls into dragons.

Girls whose skin
has been stained by filthy hands,
girls who are forced
to face those familiar hands
day after day,

give them armor.

Girls who are told
that womanhood means duty,
who dig
and sweat
and carry
and labor,
girls who break their backs
on someone else’s burden,

give them spiked spines.

Girls trapped in cycles:
cycles of abuse
cycles they can’t even name,
down the drain
and thrown out with the bathwater,

give them claws.

who chomp down on fear
hiding behind their teeth,
who swallow it whole
because it’s the only nourishment they’ll get,

give them razor fangs.

who thirst for knowledge
in the middle of a drought,
girls whose minds
are considered as real as their suffering,

give them fire
to burst from their mouths
in place of the words that no one hears.

whose bodies are not their own;
who are meant for decoration
and cannot decorate themselves,
who are meant for pleasure
and cannot pleasure themselves,
who are meant to be examples
and cannot exemplify themselves,

give them wings
to fly far, far away,

taste freedom in the sky,
and see it for what it should be:
a right, not a privilege.

Every girl
who is considered a possession
or a prize
or a plaything,

who lives
confined by people
who call condescension “love”
and manipulation “compromise”
and fear “respect”
and silence “consent,”

give her eyes
that strike terror into the heart
of anyone who would call her weak.

Gift girls with dragonhood
when personhood is a myth.

Better in tune with the infinite

We sleep but don’t dream.
We breath but don’t live.
We claim a mask as the flesh we can’t peel.
We struggle in a mirror to undress ourselves,
scared to change and explore all our different layers.
Like the sunshine, waves afraid to feel the pull of the moon tides
But crash into rocks because the pull of the moon lies.
Over the crescent, then we learn our lesson.
In sync with the stars,
No longer terrified undressing.
Reveal who we really are.
No longer a puppet on strings who appeals to who we feel we are.
Get lost in the stars;
know that the galaxy was meant for it
Patients is nobility;
become better in tune with the infinite.



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More than lust

I can feel the world changing around me.
I can feel my fingers slowly slipping from your grip.
Have we always been so different?
Have we always had this growing hole in between us,
slowly pushing away?
Will everything be okay?
How do we start over.
How do we become what we once was?
Someone so familiar now an outsider.
Someone who I couldn’t care for nearly enough.
The question is, what happened to the spark that blew away with the ash and dust?
The question is,was it ever really more then lust?