Better in tune with the infinite

We sleep but don’t dream.
We breath but don’t live.
We claim a mask as the flesh we can’t peel.
We struggle in a mirror to undress ourselves,
scared to change and explore all our different layers.
Like the sunshine, waves afraid to feel the pull of the moon tides
But crash into rocks because the pull of the moon lies.
Over the crescent, then we learn our lesson.
In sync with the stars,
No longer terrified undressing.
Reveal who we really are.
No longer a puppet on strings who appeals to who we feel we are.
Get lost in the stars;
know that the galaxy was meant for it
Patients is nobility;
become better in tune with the infinite.



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More than lust

I can feel the world changing around me.
I can feel my fingers slowly slipping from your grip.
Have we always been so different?
Have we always had this growing hole in between us,
slowly pushing away?
Will everything be okay?
How do we start over.
How do we become what we once was?
Someone so familiar now an outsider.
Someone who I couldn’t care for nearly enough.
The question is, what happened to the spark that blew away with the ash and dust?
The question is,was it ever really more then lust?

Would you believe me?

Would you believe me if I said you are beautiful?
Would you believe me if I wanted to hold you through a nightmare?
As long as we have each other we could survive the beautiful dark twisted fantasy we call our mind.
Would you believe me if I said your heart is the strongest muscle in your body,
Even if it feels broken.
Would you believe me if I said it is only scarred and scars heal.
Would you believe me if I told you everyone was scared of what life has in-store for us? people never get over there fears.
We just learn that true courage doesn’t mean you are not afraid;
True courage is when you’re afraid, you smile at your fears and say is that all you got?
Would you believe me if I said you took my breath away?
Even though I can’t breathe I’ve never felt so alive.
Would you believe me if I said you are perfect.
You always tell me that you are imperfect
But all I hear is (im)perfect.
Would you believe me when if I said it was a matter of perspective?
Would you believe me if I said you are beautiful?

What am I?

you say I am cruel but my heart beats for the ones I care about.
Is it compassion that feeds life to those who starve.
Some say I am the best and I am the worst.
Others say I have a sick sense of humor
But I can evolve over time.
When people ask what am I,
I answer.
I am the concept you struggle to grasp.
I am your constant companion through every struggle
I come with your first breath and leave with your last
I am every individual thought circulated through every brain to form a epiphany.
I am your sanity you hold on to as it slowly slips through your finger tips and out of your reach.
I can be questioned but never answered.
I am your humanity…